School Spirit- A Profound Journey Through the Gospels for Teachers

The first book in my School Spirit is an Educator’s guide for reading the Gospel that all teachers can use to enlighten our students with the “richer and fuller meaning” of the lessons we teach.  Whether you share knowledge in the classroom, home, church, workplace or anywhere else in the greater community, this book will help you spread the Gospel message through your vocation by imitating the master Educator- Jesus.  Also, by purchasing this book you will help fund the mission of the NativityMiguel Network of Schools, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the poor through Catholic schooling.  
Here is what people are saying about it:  
“Teacher and writer, Timothy J. Burdick has crafted a book that equips teachers to proclaim the gospel without speaking a word. A few minutes every morning reading School Spirit will prime teachers to set an example that will bring the living Word of God to their students. And so the gospel that works in our hearts by the Holy Spirit will touch their lives."  ~Bert Ghezzi, co-author of Discover Christ Developing a Persona Relationship with Jesus
“School Spirit  is not just for teachers.  Anyone who is looking for inspiration for prayer and reflection will appreciate this book.  Tim Burdick takes you through the entire Gospel of Mark in 180 brief reflections, perfect for anyone on-the-go who wants to nurture the spirit on a daily basis but has to work within the reality of time constraints.” ~Br. Thomas Hetland, FSC, Christian Brothers of the Midwest
“Timothy Burdick’s School Spirit taught me how to pause, reflect and see ways that the Gospel is alive and well in our classrooms and schools.  It was refreshing for me to read these Gospel reflections.  They were beautifully organized so that each day I could apply Jesus’ teachings practically in the classroom on a daily basis.” ~Melodie Wyttenbach, Director of Mission Effectiveness, NativityMiguel Network of Schools

"This new devotional book by Timothy Burdick, School Sprit: A Profound Journey Through the Gospels for Teachers (Lulu, paperback, 181 pages) is not just for schoolteachers. The 180 Biblical reflections within would help anybody who teaches at home, church, the workplace, or in the community.

Burdick essentially journeys through the entire Gospel of Mark, gazing on certain passage through the lens of teaching. What he finds is pretty interesting. He sees in Jesus’ repetitive parables a model for driving points home—to deliver messages with a “tremendous whack” as Churchill would say. Burdick uses Peter’s denial of Christ to demonstrate the need for self-correction to teach young people how to overcome their own mistakes.

School Spirit is self-published and does carry a couple of minor typesetting issues. Nevertheless any teacher would find much to meditate on. If you're looking for an end-of-the-year gift for a teacher, catechist, or coach, this would be a great choice." ~Brandon Vogt,